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Adjusting to Adulthood

Being an adult is hard – way harder than you may have expected.  That’s understandable.  After all, you went from a structured school environment to suddenly having to support yourself despite the economy and significant student loan debt.

The “American Dream” may seem unattainable.  Maybe you feel like you’ve been sold a lie.  It’s all just so much harder than you expected. Perhaps your career isn’t turning out to be as fulfilling as you expected, and you find yourself lonely and isolated.

Every day is the same: while you watch friends and colleagues settle down, start families, and reach milestones on social media.  You may be asking yourself who you really are – apart from family expectations, societal timelines, and personal pressures.

Maybe you have grown apart from your parents, who mean well but whose advice seems outdated.  It’s hard to communicate your anxieties without feeling judged.

And dating – who knew that finding someone who checks all the boxes would be so difficult?  Each new relationship might add new checkboxes to your list, making finding your “soulmate” even harder.

If you’re feeling lost or overwhelmed, seeking clarity, or just need a space to process, I’m here to support you and be a sounding board (it’s amazing how helpful that can be). 

Let’s work together to chart your path forward with confidence and hope.

Failure to Launch


You might feel like you’re stuck in a perpetual limbo, watching your peers soar while you’re still figuring out how to spread your wings. The expectation was to transition into adulthood seamlessly — get a job, move out, and become independent. Yet, despite your best efforts, it feels like you’re grounded.

Jobs can be overwhelming or elusive. Perhaps you’ve sent out countless applications, faced rejection, or are stuck in a role that doesn’t resonate with your passions.

Maybe you’re still living at home, grappling with a mix of comfort and a desire for independence. The thought of living on your own might be daunting, filled with financial and emotional uncertainties.

Relationships evolve. Friends discuss their careers, homes, and significant others, and you might feel out of sync – ike you’re not measuring up.

Perhaps there is a voice inside asking, “Why can’t I get it together?” External pressures, whether from family or society, amplify this doubt, making you question your worth and capabilities.

The blueprint that worked for previous generations might not fit your reality.

You’re not alone. Your journey is unique, and walking it at your own pace is okay. “Failure to Launch” isn’t a failure at all; it’s a sign that your path might need different tools, support, or direction.

Feeling stuck doesn’t mean you’re destined to stay that way. With the right guidance, understanding, and a space to explore your aspirations, you can find your trajectory. If you’re ready to redefine success on your terms and seek a fulfilling path forward, I’m here to support and empower you. Together, we can help you launch into the life you envision.

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