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Danna Blumenau, MA

Master’s level student counseling intern at Relevant-Connections in Frisco, Texas, and is supervised by Jennifer Kendall, Ph.D., LMFT-S (#203322).

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    My Philosophy


    I view the challenges you’re facing not as ‘disorders’ in the traditional sense but as part of the rich tapestry of human experience. It’s important to understand that everyone struggles and faces difficult times.

    Instead of labeling these experiences as pathologies or medical conditions, I approach them with compassion, seeing them as natural responses to the complexities of life.

    By reframing these challenges, we can work together to find understanding, growth, and healing without the weight of stigmatizing labels.

    I Specialize In:


    • Navigating life transitions.
    • Feeling stuck or at a crossroads.
    • Seeking understanding of themselves.
    • Trying to figure out where they are going in life.
    • Looking to heal from past traumas.
    • Aiming for deeper self-connection and fulfillment.
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    The Office

    In-Person Client Sessions:

    Relevant Connections
    2770 Main St. #145
    Frisco, TX 75033

    We also offer online therapy from the comfort of your home!

    Regular Session: $50
    Initial Intake: $75

    What You Can Expect


    Open-Mindedness: Here, you’ll find a non-judgmental space where you are heard, accepted, and understood, no matter your background or experiences.

    Compassion: Experience genuine care and warmth throughout our journey. My goal is to contribute positively to your well-being and growth.

    Empathetic Listening: I’ll be present with you, tuning into both your words and the emotions beneath them, fostering deeper understanding and connection.

    Patience: Recognizing that self-awareness and change can be a journey, I’m here to walk with you at your pace without rushing or pressuring.

    Support: Life has its ups and downs. Throughout, you can count on my consistent encouragement and guidance.

    Genuineness: Our sessions will be authentic, resembling conversations with a trusted friend, ensuring you always feel valued.

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    Individual & Couple Counseling

    Frisco Texas Therapy

    We see individuals and couples in-person in Frisco, Texas, and online throughout Texas.

    Most of our clients are from:

    • Allen
    • Plano
    • Frisco
    • Murphy
    • The Colony
    • McKinney
    • Prosper
    • Richardson
    • Dallas
    • Little Elm

    Schedule an appointment, and let’s get you on a better path.