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What Happened to Your Dreams?

Once upon a time, I had dreams – colorful, vibrant dreams. They were like fireworks lighting up the night sky of my youth. A fulfilling career, a loving family, a home filled with warmth and laughter – they were all part of your grand plan. But now, as you approach life’s midway point, maybe those dreams are yet unfulfilled, like stars whose light you are still waiting for.

Remember when the world was a canvas, and I held all the brushes? Maybe now, each stroke seems heavier than the last, like you are painting with a color palette you didn’t choose. You’re living a life that feels more like a rough sketch than the masterpiece you had envisioned.

Career, Parenting, and Relationship Challenges

Maybe your career, once a source of passion and ambition, now feels like a road leading to nowhere.  It’s like being stuck in a maze where every turn leads you back to the same place – dissatisfaction.

Being a parent, too, was supposed to be this beautiful journey. But it’s so much harder than you ever imagined. You’re barely keeping up with everyone’s schedule and all the demands placed on you.  The constant effort of trying to balance it all is exhausting. You love your children, but there are moments when you yearn for the freedom you once had or the freedom you hope to have in the future.  

Maybe you look at your partner and feel a pang of longing for what once was – or what could be. Maybe you don’t even know who they are anymore.  Rather than being the lovers you once were, your relationship now evolves around keeping the family afloat. 

Perhaps you also wonder about the path not taken – the life not lived. Would a different choice have brought more happiness and more fulfillment?

overwhelmed mom
escaping the birdcage

Freeing a Caged Bird

Maybe there’s this constant feeling of being trapped, like a bird in a cage. You can see the sky outside, and the endless possibilities, but feel like you are watching it all through a barrier you can’t break. You want to spread your wings, to chase your dreams, but the weight of your responsibilities pins you down.

You might think back to the younger person you once were, full of hope and excitement for the future.  Does that feel like a different person or a different life. How did you end up here? Did you make a wrong turn somewhere, or is this just how life is meant to be?

As you grapple with these feelings, maybe you also find yourself thinking about the possibility of change.  Maybe you see a glimmer of hope – the life you could have or might still have.  A life where dreams are not just dreams – they are reality.  It’s not too late.

Let’s talk about where your life is going vs. where you want it to go.  Let’s work together to make things better.


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