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Midlife Challenges

Midlife isn’t a crisis but a crossroads. Explore new directions, seek balance, and embrace the opportunities that await.

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Examing Unfulfilled Hopes & Dreams


(And related stressors)


Life’s a Quick Trip

How are there already more years behind you than ahead of you?

Maybe you were just a young professional with a world to change – or a new parent with all the hopes and dreams for your growing family.

But now life is going too fast, and maybe it’s not turning out as you expected.  It’s even worse when watching your parent age; it feels like you’re looking at a future you don’t want.

 Life is a quick trip, so 


woman in therapy after breakup

Navigating Breakups & Family Cutoffs


“What have I done with my life?

“How much time do I have left?”

“This is not how I envisioned my life.”

“I don’t know who I am or what my life is about”

“I want a different life, or maybe to reinvent myself.”

Sound familiar?  The realization that there are more years behind you than ahead of you can set off a cascade of thoughts about confronting your own mortality and unfulfilled hopes and dreams.

A mid-life crisis isn’t always the cliche convertible and affair – more often than not, it’s an existential anxiety related to confronting the limits of your existence.

We provide a safe place to process your feelings and help you process these emotions.


Develop Healthier Relationships


We could all benefit from having healthier relationships.  But how do you actually do that?  

Let’s start by looking at your current or recent relationships and then explore the relationships in your family of origin. You’ll start to see patterns and understand more about your own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

You may benefit from drawing boundaries, learning how to be assertive, developing better listening and empathy skills, and more.

Just because society says a “normal” relationship (marriage, family, etc.) has to be specific way, doesn’t mean yours needs to be that way.  You can decide how you want your future relationships to work.  That starts with looking at your past and current relationships and developing new skills.

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