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When Did We Drift Apart?

As you look across the dinner table at your partner, you find yourself caught in a swirl of emotions. There’s love there, of course, an affection born out of shared years and memories. But there’s also a creeping sense of distance, a gulf that seems to have widened without either of you noticing.

Once, you were lovers, lost in each other. Now, you seem more like roommates, individuals sharing a living space, focusing on chores, bills, and parenting, rather than each other.

Maybe you don’t see eye-to-eye, but rather than arguing, you let the space between you grow.

It’s disconcerting, sometimes, to realize how you’ve drifted apart. You were once so attuned to each other, finishing each other’s sentences and laughing at inside jokes.

Now, your conversations are often centered around the children, their school, their activities, and their needs. You’ve become two satellites orbiting around your children rather than around each other.

We can help you build a bridge back to each other and reconnect, which may involve healing from past hurts and learning new cycles of interaction.

 The Questions that Haunt You


At night, when the house finally quiets down, you sometimes find yourself staring at the ceiling, lost in your thoughts. The dreams of what could have been play like a movie in your mind.

You imagine different paths, different choices.  Would you have been happier with someone else? Did you let the love of your life pass you by while you were busy building this life?

It’s a dangerous line of thought, and you know it. Yet, you can’t help but wonder.

The question that haunts you is, “Is this it?” Is this what the rest of your life is going to look like? The quiet meals, the brief conversations, the silence that hangs heavy in the air. The lack of intimacy that you once treasured.  Is this how relationships are supposed to be, or have you lost your way?

And yet, there are moments, fleeting but potent, that make you think otherwise.

When you share a glance over the kids playing, or when you burst into laughter at some old, silly joke. In these moments, you see a spark of what you once had, a reminder of the love that still exists beneath the surface of your daily routine.

Sometimes you just need help to find your way back to each other.  Other times, that path seems obscure, burried by years of pain and drifting apart.  You can come in together and try to find your way back to each other – or you can come alone and figure out what you want to do.


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Rediscover Who You Are to Each Other

Rekindling that love seems like a daunting task, though. It’s not just about going on dates or spending time together. It’s about bridging the gap that’s grown between you, of finding your way back to each other in this labyrinth of life you’ve built. It’s about rediscovering who you are to each other, not just as parents or homeowners, but as lovers, as friends, as partners.

There’s a part of you that clings to the hope that you can find that spark again, that you can reignite the flame that seems to have flickered down to a glow. But it’s a journey that seems fraught with uncertainty, and the fear of what might happen if you can’t bridge that gap is real.

It’s a complex tangle of emotions, a maze of questions with no clear answers. But it’s a journey you know you need to embark on, whether it leads to rediscovery or new understanding. Because while the status quo might be comfortable, it’s the hope of something more that keeps you going.

We use Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and the Gottman Method to help couples grappling with a variety of challenges.

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